L’RENEE is a gifted and talented R & B vocalist with great power and range. Her star is on the rise as she is growing in popularity and public awareness. L’Renee has been recording music since 2005 and caught the attention of Universal Motown recording artist, KEM nearly 10 years ago.


L’RENEE continues to work with KEM as a background performer and was a duet collaborator on his Billboard R&B #1 hit song, “Don’t Say Goodbye.” Her background work with Kem also led to her being signed to his label Kemistry Records.


She has performed all over the world with KEM and often receives standing ovations for her solos and accompaniments. Her music reflects a broad range interests and influences, pulling in all she can into each note she sings. L’RENEE released her first CD in 2005 and her style is best described as a unique blend of jazz-inflected R&B she calls, “Non-Stop. Non-Pop.” The non-pop moniker is because her music isn’t typical or ordinary.


L’RENEE loves to perform and make people happy with her music. At the age of ten Diana Ross had a major impact on her. L’RENEE is stepping into her own spotlight, releasing a new project entitled  “I’m Done.”


Those that have heard her describe her sound as “authentic” and “real.” There is no copycat to her sound or presence when she picks up the mic. This project demonstrates the extraordinary vocal ability within.


L’RENEE loves giving back and volunteers her time and talent to music camps, competitions and conferences for youth. She has a strong passion for mentoring. Founded a non-profit “Girl POWer! In which she mentors teenage girls. This organization is dedicated to building self-esteem in young girls.